Why to do Vayulekhan of Only the Nitai Mantra?


Q. Why should we airwrite only Nitai and not any other mantra?

A mantra is essentially meant for (1) gaining control over the mind and (2) awarding one God realization. Both of these attainments require EFFORT and MERCY. Putting in sincere effort to attain these two goals is what we have to do on our part. As far as mercy is concerned, it is beyond our direct control. It is up to the Supreme Independent will of the Lord. Although, one can airwrite any mantra but it is our firm belief and bold claim that airwriting only Nitai (निताइ ) will grant the highest and fastest results. Let’s understand how-

As far as effort is concerned, since Nitai (निताइ ) is a very short mantra in comparison to other mantras, it requires minimal effort.

As far as mercy is concerned, it is an indisputable fact that there is no other Lord more merciful than Nitai. Mercy is the most tricky part. There are Lords who bestow mercy only after many lives of Bhajan when one becomes freed from all impurities. However, Nitai does not have any such conditions at all. For general mantras, mercy of the Lord remains an uncertain factor. But for Nitai it becomes a certain reality.

Thus, minimal effort plus maximum mercy leads to best results.

Moreover, results of mantra meditation may be thwarted due to the offenses or the offensive mentality of the practitioner. As a matter of fact, this does not apply to Nitai because He is the only Lord who instantly and completely forgives all the repeated sins and offenses which we have done, or are doing, or will do knowingly or unknowingly. It is only Nitai’s Name which can arouse the purity of every single soul in creation irrespective of how much unqualified one is and thus quickly make everyone self­realized and pure devotees.

Joy Doyal निताइ !

Nitai – The Lord of Forgiveness


Some Gods do not forgive us even after we realize our mistake. Some Gods forgive us only if we realize our mistake. However, Nitai is the only Lord who forgives us even before we make the mistake. Have you heard about such a kind of mercy?

This literally means that you are already forgiven by Nitai for the mistake you are going to make tomorrow. I know this sounds strange but this is Nitai’s nature.

Such abnormalities in terms of mercy, compassion, humility and forgiveness are the defining characteristics of Nitai. Nitai forgave Madhai even before he hit him with a pot. Not after he was hit. Nor after Madhai realized his mistake and fell at His Feet. But ­ before Madhai even thought of hitting Him!

In fact, when Nitai saw Jagai and Madhai for the first time, His heart melted with compassion to see their condition. He not only pitied their present miserable condition but also felt great pain in His heart by anticipating the future sufferings which both of them would have undergone in hell.

Material humanitarians and philanthropists are considered very merciful just because they show compassion upon seeing the present sufferings of underprivileged people. However, Nitai is so merciful that His heart begins paining not only by the present sufferings but also by anticipating those sufferings of people which they will have to undergo in FUTURE due to their sins.

Ekachakra is the agatir gati Dham. It is the final and highest destination for those who deserve no destination.

-Nitaimani das

Therefore, Doyal निताइ !